Bachelors of Music, Film Scoring & Jazz Composition, Berklee College of Music, Boston MA
Masters of Music, Jazz Studies (piano performance) University of North Texas, Denton TX

About Me

My first (and only) “Sims” avatar was created when I was 22 years old. I gave him a nice backyard with a BBQ and a pool table but no front door. Each morning, he would search the front of his house before giving up and heading out back to light the grill and shoot pool. Sometimes he would chat with his backyard neighbors, but most visitors stood where the front door should have been, waited, grew confused, and moved on.

He grew ever-lonely and began to cry, almost constantly, cheered briefly each day by the crack of the cueball or the BBQ’s first spark. One day he sobbed through dinner, and from then on he slept on the couch.

Thus continued his daily ritual until the BBQ caught the pool table, and my Sims avatar, weeping on the couch, died on fire in his sleep.


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Graham Richards